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Unbeatable diamond price guaranteed good only for the exact diamond found advertised anywhere online or in stores with a minimum purchase of $2500 USD. If we cannot find the same diamond advertised by others, we will find a similar diamond for better value. *Total diamond weight is approximate for each jewelry. **1 year with no interest is based on approved credit and only on selected jewelry. Applies to purchase made on a Jewelry Express consumer credit card account. Under the promotion, no finance charges will be assessed on the promo purchase as long as: (1) you pay the purchase amount in full within 12 months (the "promo period") and (2) you pay, when due, the minimum monthly payment on your account, which included a required minimum monthly payment on the promo purchase. If you fail to satisfy either of the above conditions, all special promo terms will be terminated and finance changes will be assessed on the promo purchase amount from the date of purchase. Standard account terms apply to non-promotional purchases. Variable APR is 23.99% as of within 1 month of the payment due date. Minimum finance charge is $1. Existing cardholders should see their credit card agreement for standard terms.

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